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82-86 Great Junction Street, Leith, EDINBURGH, EH6 5LJ
07758 348 850
North East


Who is the service for?
Young People (16-25), Primary School (5-12), Secondary School (13-15)
What age range is it suitable for?
4 - 12, 13 - 16, 17 - 25


82-86 Great Junction Street, Leith, EDINBURGH, EH6 5LJ
0131 553 0570





Update: We are currently taking referrals for One-to-One Support by phone or video call. We are not taking referrals for face-to-face support at this time. Check back for updates!

The One-to-One Support Service at the Junction is a free and confidential service for any young person aged 12-21 who lives, works, volunteers or studies in Leith or North East Edinburgh.

What is One-to-One Support?

Using the One-to-One Service gives you a chance to speak to a worker about what is on your mind. You can get weekly support for around 10 sessions and each session lasts about 50 minutes.

Your worker will help you set goals and make a plan for what you want to focus on. It could be finding healthy ways to cope with difficult emotions; building up your confidence or self-esteem; or getting support around health and wellbeing topics such as alcohol use, sleep, sexuality, relationships, gender identity or smoking. One-to-one time is yours!

At present, you can choose to get support either face-to-face at The Junction or remotely by phone or video call. Distancing and other safety measures are in place for face-to-face support. If you choose remote support, we will discuss with you how to set up a safe digital space.

Making a referral...

- Contact us by phone on 07758 348 850 and say you are interested in the One-to-One Service. A worker can send you the referral form or complete it with you on the phone.
- Email us on to request a referral form.
- Download The Junction Referral form at and return the completed form to
- You can also ask another person you trust to make the referral on your behalf, such as a parent or teacher.

What happens next...

When we receive your referral form, we will add you to our waiting list for an Access Appointment.

A worker will contact you to arrange your Access Appointment. This is time when you can tell us more about what you would like support with. We will explain more about the different services available at the Junction and we can talk about which is most useful for you.
We will add you to our waiting list for support until a worker is available. We will stay in contact with you while you are waiting. Please tell us if your contact details or circumstances change! We will also ask if you want information about other opportunities while you wait, for example groups or workshops we’re running.

While you are on the waiting list, you can use The Junctions’ Digital Drop-In for flexible support.

When you’re at the top of the waiting list, a worker will contact you to arrange a time to start your sessions. Whoop!

What to expect...

Your sessions will take place weekly at a time agreed by both you and the worker. At your first session, your worker will explain our confidentiality policy to you. You and your worker will set goals and plan how the sessions can best meet your needs. As you reach the end of your sessions, you and your worker will work towards a planned ending – this might include using other services at The Junction.

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