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Who is the service for?
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18 York Place, City Centre, EDINBURGH, EH1 3EP
0131 555 7638




Taking part in art activities and coming together to be creative in a group can have a positive lasting impact on health and wellbeing. Our engagement programme of art workshops continues to go from strength to strength, growing steadily since 2011, to become a wide scaled initiative delivered across a broad cross section of health and care environments in Scotland.

Our workshops aim to encourage creativity and absolutely no prior experience of art is required; the focus is on becoming involved in the process rather than on a final product. Each workshop is unique, inspiring spontaneity, discovery and revelation.

We work with a fantastic team of professional artists who are highly experienced at designing and delivering art workshops in community and care environments. They understand some of the fears and doubts people may have when they first take part and are skilled in facilitation and encouraging creativity.

People accessing our art workshops are identified by partners we work with including NHS and the community health sector and participants have experienced a range of benefits in taking part. For example:

Improve mental health

- Provide an opportunity for patients to express their emotions creatively
- People feel valued and empowered
- Enhance self-esteem and confidence
- Provide positive distraction from anxieties
- Provide routine and structure through daily or weekly participation

Contribute to personal development

- Stimulate/encourage people to develop new artistic skills
- Help build social capital
- Positively affect self-perception of wellbeing
- Allow people to connect in new ways with fellow patients and carers
- Enhance general quality of life

Enhance community spirit

- Improve social cohesion and create a sense of belonging
- Facilitate communication with other participants and help to build or strengthen a social network
- Reduce feelings of isolation and prevent loneliness

How does the engagement programme work?

The people we work with are at the heart of our approach. We work closely with everyone involved to tailor workshops specifically to the needs of the participants with and to suit the setting in which they run. Although workshops are bespoke they may include the following:

- The aims and purpose of each workshop discussed in advance, delivered in an agreed healthcare venue to a specific group of participants
- Each artist will consider themes, subject matter and materials
- The artist may select artworks from our prestigious collection to serve as inspiration for participants
- Volunteers will take part to support the artist and give extra help to the participants
- All materials are provided
- Option of a ‘showcase’ at the end of workshop series to celebrate the artworks created i.e an exhibition or book

Examples of the engagement programme in practice

- Western General Hospital to provide elderly patients with a creative outlet to stimulate social interaction
- VOCAL to enable full time carers respite and a release from the stress of their daily lives
- Alzheimer Scotland to engage and stimulate people with early onset dementia
- ROOM FOR ART – our Big Lottery Funded project which uses a social prescribing approach to deliver art workshops for health and wellbeing in the community throughout Edinburgh

We are always looking to develop new partnerships and new ways working so if you are interested in our Engagement Programme please get in touch.

Interested in working with us?

If you are interested in working with us, please contact Iona McCann, our Outreach Manager on 0131 555 7638 or you can email us

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