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Edinburgh LETS

Edinburgh LETS is run by the members - everyone contributes in different ways: putting up posters, attending events, taking publicity photos, helping with admin, events or committee tasks. Suggestions for additional events or venues are always welcome - and members are free to organise events and workshops themselves, and advertise them through their website offers.

Read on to learn more about volunteering opportunities; and our current committee and helpers.

Helping out with running LETS

- Could you put up posters, distribute leaflets, invite people to events?
- Could you help at events, e.g. baking, setting up, welcoming, etc.?
- Do you have ideas for an event which you could organise?
- Could you do a bit of admin or help out on the committee ?

Whether you can only offer an occasional hour, or larger blocks of time, we’d love to hear from you. Please contact

Ongoing needs are:

- Home-baking for events
- People to do short workshops and talks
- Computer based admin - dealing with queries, sending out passwords, etc.
- Ideas for events and venues
- Artwork and photos for newsletters etc.
- People to help publicise LETS - putting up posters, etc.
- Buddies to help members to access the website and manage their accounts
- Events organisers and helpers - see ideas below

Organising Events

Any member can organise an event for LETS - just decide what you’d like to do, then advertise it as an offer through the website. Admin can help promote it through emails, on the website, FB and Twitter on request.

Here are some ideas:

- Themed walks: spring flowers; summer wildlife; autumn brambling; foraging; sketching; photography
- Summer picnic or barbecue: in a park or garden; at the beach
- Themed evening events: hobbies; writing; ceilidh; ethnic meal;
- Self-help workshops on negotiation, ageing relatives, weight-loss, etc.
- Decorating or gardening team or similar
- Workshop on selling through Ebay, craft fairs, websites, etc.
- Workshops: crafts; organic gardening; food; health, etc.
- Yard Sale or Drive Sale, Swap-shop or Give-away
- Pamper party
- Demonstration or talk about your work or hobby
- Joint event with another community based organisation
- Cinema or gig evenings
- Musical jam session
- Upcycling event
- Helper teams (People who give time when they’re available)

Social event helpers: help organise, set up the hall, greet people, bake; serve, wash up, etc. (Moyra, Jenny, Sevim, Margaret, Morag P, Robert, Emma - more volunteers needed)

Buddies: keeping people who aren’t online in the loop; answering queries to a shared email address, helping people to use the website and recording trades for people who aren’t online. (Volunteers are needed to telephone people)

Publicity team: Publicise LETS news via noticeboards, press, emails, websites, Twitter, FB, etc. (Kirsteen, Darren, Derek. Uta - more volunteers needed) First line of contact:

*Admin helpers: Kay, Alasdair, Nathalie, Sarah

The Committee

The committee is a friendly bunch who keep LETS active and growing with the help of groups and individual members. Members are welcome to come along to meetings and contribute to any discussions. Presently, a number of members are unofficially helping out with the committee roles. Any help is welcome, and everyone is welcome to attend meetings to contribute to discussions and vote on issues.

Here’s the current line-up:

Chairperson: (Chairs meetings; supports committee; mediates; grows membership and awareness of LETS (e.g. by representing LETS at external events).) Vacancy

Secretary: (Arranges and advertises committee meetings, compiles agendas of meetings and records minutes; circulates minutes to committee for amendments, posts on website and files. ) Kirsteen

Reekie Treasurer: (Helps with Reekies transactions, encourages trading and keeps the committee informed about the progress of trading.) Vacancy

Membership Secretary: (Welcomes new and potential members and invites them to meetings. Ensures that they have accounts, offers & wants listed, are on the e-list and have paid their joining fees.) Vacancy

Sterling Treasurer: (records income and expenditure; sets and monitors sterling budget; files bank statements and sends a copy to the membership secretary; compiles regular and end of year accounts.) Jeni

Events Organiser: (Organises and advertises social events aided by the committee and events helpers.) Marilynn

Newsletter Editor: (Compiles newsletters in consultation with the committee… shares news and events info via emails, websites, etc.) Vacancy

Website Editor: Edits the content of the website, as requested by the committee. Kirsteen

Ordinary committee members: Ros Cadoux; John Welwood

Website upkeep

Webmaster: Maintains website hosting and design, trains the committee on website functions and resolves technical issues. This is managed by a professional web developer.
65+, 26 - 29, 30 - 34, 35 - 39, 40 - 44, 45 - 49, 50 - 54, 55 - 59, 60 - 64, 17 - 25
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