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NHS Stop Smoking Sessions

Group support sessions are provided by stop smoking specialists, or other stop smoking facilitators, who have been specially trained in helping smokers to stop successfully. As well as offering support, they can discuss Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT) and other stop smoking products with you.

We meet once a week for about about half an hour, you can attend without prior arrangements. The sessions are for you to meet other people who are stopping smoking, so you can support each other as a group.

Group support is known to be one of the most effective ways to successfully stop smoking.

Sessions are run by trained stop smoking advisors who will assess your smoking behaviour and can recommend a medication such as Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT) to help you stop smoking. They can then arrange for a prescription to be requested from your GP which you can pick up 3-5 days after the session. Prescriptions are given for 2-4 weeks at a time

About nicotine replacement therapy (NRT)

- NRT reduces the craving for cigarettes by giving you a lower dose of nicotine, which is gradually reduced.
- NRT is safer than smoking as it doesn't contain the other 4,000 harmful chemicals in every cigarette.
- NRT comes in patches, gum, lozenge, microtab, nasal sprays and inhalators, and can be bought from a pharmacy or got on prescription.
- Young people and pregnant women should try stop smoking support sessions first before trying NRT.

People are encouraged to attend support weekly as far as possible and until they have completed their course of medication. This is so that we can keep up to date with your prescription but more importantly, support you through any challenging times and assist with behaviour change.

Most courses of medication last 12 weeks but people can attend the support sessions for as long as they want. Many people find continuing to attend a session from time to time keeps them focussed and is good for relapse prevention.
17 - 25
Days and Times
Friday 1pm - 3pm
Gilmerton Library
13 Newtoft Street
EH17 8RG

South East 
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Contact Telephone: 0131 672 9532
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