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Vine Trust


There are many people, around the world who lack something; the most basic healthcare provision. Many of these people live in poor and remote communities that have little or no access to medical services and as a result are suffering and even dying from common and treatable illnesses. High mortality rates and the suffering caused by these ailments could easily be combated by some basic but regular medical attention.

It was with this in mind that our Peru Medical and Dental Programme was established. In 2001 the Trust’s first medical ship, Amazon Hope journeyed to the Peruvian Amazon in search of those most in need of access to medical care. Amazon Hope was then joined by our second ship; Amazon Hope 2 in 2003 which allowed us to expand our primary healthcare provision further in the region, reaching over 100,000 villagers every year.

Amazon Hope is equipped with an operating theatre, dental surgery, pharmacy and treatment rooms. Childhood and water born diseases and fever are common and it is an unforgiving area in which to grow old. However, thanks to the services provided, many of these illnesses are now preventable, curable or treatable.

Amazon Hope travels to patients, who would otherwise have a long canoe or boat ride to Iquitos for a single consultation. The narrow draught allows the ship to travel down some of the Amazon’s shallowest tributaries, reaching the most remote villages and serving the Huitoto and Bora Tribes.

This floating clinic is run by a team of full time medical and technical staff who are supported by UK volunteer clinicians who join them for two week trips.

Join one of our medical teams and become part of a primary healthcare service that now treats over 100,000 patients annually on the the Peruvian Amazon.

We invite clinicians from all healthcare backgrounds to join one of our medical expeditions onboard Amazon Hope 2 serving remote Peruvian communities. Medical Teams are made up of 6-8 volunteers who join the permanent Peruvian staff on board our fully equipped floating medical centre for a two-week working holiday. We need doctors, nurses, dentists, dental nurses, optometrists, pharmacists and other healthcare professionals to utilise their medical skills in a new way.

Previous medical team members have often commented how they found their experience on board immensely valuable and fulfilling, both professionally and personally. Be a part of something truly amazing and join us to make a positive difference to the future of some of the poorest children and communities in the world.

Things you might be expected to do (with supervision available from Peruvian staff doctors):

- Manage tropical diseases, including Malaria
- Some basic obstetric care
- Minor injuries and minor surgery
- Paediatrics
- Tooth fillings and extractions

Is this for you? Definitely if you are a:

- GP within the NHS or working in OOH care
- Dentist in practice in the UK
- Nurse or nurse practitioner in primary care or A&E or similar setting
- Doctor working in emergency care, A&E or Paediatrics, or who has previous experience of working in primary care
- Ophthalmologist, optometrist and optician
- Healthcare professional with an interest in helping provide a primary care service to some of the poorest people in the world

Please note that all healthcare professionals must be registered with the appropriate body (eg GMC, GDC, GNC) and hold a licence to practise.

To view our frequently asked questions in relation to the Amazon expeditions, please see To donwload our Amazon Project Information Book click here. If your question is not answered in our FAQs, please contact the Vine Trust office on 0131 555 5598 or email for further information.
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