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Only services that are currently available during COVID-19 are listed in the directory.

In line with Government advice, most groups and organisations in the city have had to take the unfortunate decision to suspend face to face and group work activities. Please telephone or email the contacts listed for the group or organisation if you are interested in their work to check what alternative arrangements might be available.


People Know How

Covid-19 UPDATE...

We’ve adapted our Positive Transitions Service in light of the coronavirus outbreak, to continue to support children, young people and families online.

One-to-one support...

Online Befriending

Our one-to-one projects have been adapted to Online Befriending, providing a safe, supportive online environment where young people and their befrienders can talk, play games, learn, and share stories. We use our befriending model, developed in our accredited Befriending service, to closely match befrienders with a child or young person based on their specific needs and interests.

We are accepting new referrals and applications to volunteer!

Our other projects

Our other one-to-one projects including Arts Therapies and Family Support are scheduled to resume in September, using a “blended model” of delivery in line with how universities and schools will operate.

Group support...

Pupils Know How

Our group projects, in particular Pupils Know How, have also been adapted to online support, using online group activities to help guide children and young people through this time of uncertainty.

Mythical Mystery Squad

The Mythical Mystery Squad are on an adventure to unravel riddles across Scotland! Together we’ll answer riddles, solve clues and embark on a magical journey! The club supports groups of P7s preparing to attend the same high school.

Transitions Club

Transitions Club provides support for P7s who will be starting secondary school this year. The aim of the club is to give young people an opportunity to discuss different topics in a safe space through fun activities like creating custom comics, playing games and creating stories!

Young Artists Club

We’re inviting young artists to come together online for weekly arts and crafts sessions. This free online club for P6-P7s meets once a week and explores the world of art including different techniques, movements and styles! Materials are sent to each artist, so they can let their creativity run free!

Our other projects

Science Club and All Aboard are planning some big updates, coming soon.

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Normal servie details...

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What is the Positive Transitions Service?

The Positive Transitions Service supports children, young people and their families through primary and secondary school across all four localities in Edinburgh and in East Lothian.

Our work with children and young people began in 2014, when we consulted 151 young people about what it’s like to live in Edinburgh (our Consultation with Children and Young People). The transition to high school was one of the biggest challenges young people faced, and the area we chose to focus on first. We also consulted and supported over 550 young people on these subjects. Our work was finally established as ‘Positive Transitions Service’ in 2016.

Our work now ranges from one to one support, group work, working with students on placement from Universities around Scotland, and supporting parents/carers and families.

Projects currently included in the Positive Transitions Service are:

All Aboard...

A canal-side venture that seeks to purchase and run a boat from the newly reinstated Polwarth Pontoon. In partnership with Polwarth Parish Church we aim to host our Positive Transitions Service aboard the canal boat, increasing positive engagement with the Union Canal and intergenerational community cohesion.

Please see for further information.

Art Therapy...

Our Art Therapy programme works in partnership with Queen Margaret University to provide opportunities for young people to explore and express their emotions through the art making process in one-on-one and group sessions with art therapists.

Please see for further information.


Our accredited Befriending service works closely with schools to provide young people with a befriender – someone they can talk to about their worries, have some fun with or just sit quietly with! They visit young people in and out of school and provide a safe environment and a positive role model they can trust. We are also increasingly providing Art Befriending, using art as a way to communicate.

Please see for further information.

Family Support...

We host social work students on placement from universities around Scotland. They consider the needs of the young people, and how best to support them and help them engage with family, school and their community.

Please see for further information.

Music Therapy...

We offer Music Therapy as part of our partnership with Queen Margaret University practice education. We provide a safe, personal space where young people can express themselves through musical improvisation, lyric and song-writing.

Please see for further information.

Outdoor Journeys...

Outdoor Journeys offers young people in the North East locality of Edinburgh the opportunity to learn about their surroundings, and connect with nature and the place they live outside the classroom setting, increasing confidence and wellbeing.

Please see for further information.

Science Club...

A series of exciting science workshops for children and young people. We work in partnership with four primary schools across Edinburgh to run groups during and after school hours. The workshops are designed based on what young people want to learn about and promote exploring and having fun with science!

Please see for further information.

Whit dae ye hink...

We aim to create a parent/carer community to ensure both parents and their children feel heard and understood, and can work together to overcome personal, school, and learning challenges. This parental engagement service, in partnership with schools, listens to and supports parents/carers with concerns and suggestions to make their school a better place.

Please see for further information.

Suitable for ages 4-18 (children and young people), 18-60+ (families).
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