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We run two groups, three nights a week. Our six weekly groups alternate between little kids (8-12) and big kids (12-16) groups, to allow us to reach a total of 12 separate groups of children.

Our fortnightly Outings
Are the bread and butter of CHV, and provide most of our contact time. We typically pick up the children from their homes in the minibus between 5pm to 6pm. We tend to perform a single activity in the night before returning them home.

So what sorts of activities do we get up to?

- Swimming
- Bowling
- Cinema
- Craft nights
- Christmas and Halloween Parties
- Outdoor play, games and playgrounds

just about anything else we can think of and afford!

Day Trips
We run a day-trip once a year for each of our 12 groups. Our day trips have a larger budget, and allow us to take the kids farther afield. Typically we would do multiple activities in a day, and provide lunch and snacks as well. Given the larger reach, and budget available for the day we can afford to do more in-depth activities, for example:

- Water parks
- Wildlife reserves
- Visit a castle
- Attractions which are only open during the day

Camps were our biggest adventures, and unfortunately, our biggest expense too. Due to difficult times, we have been forced to restrict our camps to a single week-long summer camp. We love to bring them back, but sadly this is not currently financially possible.

For further information on Edinburgh University Childrens Holiday Venture, please get in touch for a chat.
4 - 12, 13 - 15, 17 - 25
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Contact Person: Amy Doyle
Contact Telephone: 07092 871 496
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