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18 Jun 2022

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Supporting families to rebuild relationships after separation.

Our purpose is to help and support families and children who are experiencing a break-up. The emotional fall-out from a family break-up can cause lasting pain and damage. Our role is to minimise these effects and, where possible, prevent them from happening at all.

Confidentiality, trust and respect are central to all of our activities, and our team of trained, impartial staff is dedicated to helping family members communicate clearly and effectively with one another and reach agreed, informed decisions about their future. Family Journeys can also manage child contact as appropriate.

Since its foundation in the early 1980's, Family Journeys has helped thousands of families through difficult times, easing the impact of separation and divorce on countless children and young people and their parents.

Through family mediation, we aim to help parents to agree and sustain arrangements that are designed to promote well-being and health for their children.

We also give further family support through providing safe, secure, friendly places (with staff and volunteers on hand) where children and parents can meet after separation, and through support services for children and young people affected by family break-up and separation.

Family Journeys provides services for families, including parents, children and young people who are experiencing difficulties around separation, divorce and family break-up. Extended family members, for example grandparents, step-parents, new partners and siblings may also be included. At least one parent should live in Edinburgh, East, West or Mid Lothian.


- Family Connection Centres: Safe, friendly spaces to help children and young people make the most of all their family relationships, when families live apart.
- Parent Support: solution focused coaching for parents to help them plan and learn new ways of parenting apart, supporting mums and dads and carers following the loss and distress of break up.
- Power of Play: help for non-resident family members to maintain positive attachments and loving relationships with their children.
- Mediation: support for families to find solutions when situations feel complicated or communication is hard.
- Parenting Apart: Parenting Apart is a group that helps you to understand how you and your children can move forward positively following separation or divorce. You will gain insight into what you and your family are going through and how to handle the journey to living apart in a way that's best for everyone.

Reception lines are open every Tuesday between 11:00am - 5:00pm.


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