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Pilates Plus was established in 2010, bringing you Pilates designed and instructed by qualified physiotherapists. Tess and Laura are the co-founders of Pilates Plus. Since 2009 the team has grown since then, and they are now a team of 10. They all share a passion for Pilates and are qualified physiotherapists and Pilates instructors.

Why Antenatal Pilates?

As expectant mothers know, your body experiences a huge amount of change whilst pregnant. Current evidence suggests that a moderate intensity exercise is important during your pregnancy for prevention of many health issues ( Our Physiotherapy led Antenatal classes are a great way to help with changes occurring in pregnancy and suitable for expectant mothers at any stage of pregnancy (6-42 weeks). In addition to the fitness and health benefits of exercise during pregnancy our physiotherapists have had specialised training in antenatal care specifically looking at prevention of pregnancy related pelvic girdle pain and other musculoskeletal issues. You can feel happy that the exercises given are safe for both baby and mother. Antenatal classes are a great way to meet like-minded Mummys to be too!

Is Antenatal Pilates for me?

The aims of the class are to help you appropriately maintain the strength of your core and pelvic floor from first trimester to full-term pregnancy, incorporating the key principles of Pilates. Improved strength and endurance can help with the demands of childbirth, specifically reducing your risk of low back and other musculoskeletal complications. The exercises will be adapted to your stage of pregnancy, allowing you to exercise safely throughout your pregnancy. We can also adapt exercises for pre-existing complaints/conditions. It is advisable to start the classes as soon as you can – 1st trimester into beginning of 2nd trimester.

What can I expect?

The classes are mat based, less intense than your standard class but varied and specific to the needs of pregnancy. We encourage a lot of pelvic stability work in standing and adapt mat exercises into high kneeling and seated. A basic level of fitness is required. You will be closely monitored by our Pilates instructors, all of whom are physiotherapists. This allows them to tailor the exercises to your needs, and adjust any exercises which you are having difficulty with. You will receive a supplementary booklet with the class following the 8-week programme for exercises at home.

What should I bring?

All equipment is provided. Dress as you would for a fitness class, we do the class in bare feet or socks. Bring a bottle of water to keep hydrated! We request you bring two cushions from home to assist with supine work (from 12 weeks+ of your pregnancy). We will ask you to bring a gym ball along to class on week 7 for the gym ball class. Please note on your first class, your instructor will complete a quick assessment, you may be asked to arrive a little early or stay behind for this to happen. Prior to entering the class you will be asked to fill in a medical screening form (this is standard procedure for all participants).


First 8 Week Block (8 week validity): £100
After First Block (8 week validity): £96

These classes run in 8 week enrolments.


Please see to book now.

All welcome!
26 - 29, 30 - 34, 35 - 39, 40 - 44, 45 - 49, 17 - 25
Days and Times
Wednesday 6:25pm - 7:25pm
15 Morningside Road, Morningside
EH10 4DP

South East 
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Contact Telephone: 07971 778 962
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