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We have been helping people to avoid homelessness or deal with the effects of homelessness for over 30 years.

We provide practical, emotional and social support to help people stay in their homes or find somewhere to live. We aim to bring positivity, helping people find solutions, recognise their own self worth, become more confident and lead better and fuller lives. We can help with:

- Dealing with homelessness or the risk of homelessness
- Finding somewhere to live
- Practical household tasks
- Emotional support
- Increasing social networks
- Maintaining good physical health
- Advice and encouragement to adopt a healthy lifestyle

If you are currently facing a difficult situation, we can help.

Our approach

Sometimes, local authorities ask us to provide very specific services to those at risk of becoming homeless, for example helping to deal with rent arrears or paying bills, ensuring benefits are claimed, or helping to find furniture. The local authorities we currently work with include:

- Fife - 01592 644 048
- Edinburgh - 0330 303 0302
- Falkirk - 01324 629 200
- Any other areas - 0330 303 0302

Depending on how your service is funded, we may be able to work with you for longer if you need help with issues such as addiction, mental health or self harm.

We recognise that each person is unique and our aim is to help each one of them deal with the difficult issue they may be facing and progress through life. We won’t give up on you even if others do.

Our approach is simple. We strive to build trusting, real relationships with people, involving each person every step of the way, offering reassurance that help and support is at hand. We make sure each person understand they have a choice and help them to make informed decisions.

Most importantly we provide encouragement to achieve. We work with each person to set goals and agree a support plan, identifying the specific services and support needed.

LinkLiving makes a difference and can demonstrate results - read our success stories to find out how we have helped people to feel more secure and lead fuller and happier lives.

Why choose LinkLiving?

We provide a seamless approach so that people:

- Can find somewhere to live which helps them to bring stability into their life
- Understand they have choice and can make informed choices
- Cope with life’s challenges and move towards independence
- Become more confident
- Recognise the skills they have and improve their self esteem

How we can help

Our members of staff have many years of experience working with people who have experienced homelessness.

We will work with you to identify exactly what services and support you need. This will be agreed in your support plan and regularly reviewed with you.

Our aim is to help you cope with the challenges of facing homelessness. This might include:

- Help with finding somewhere to live.
- Help with practical tasks such as dealing with rent arrears, claiming benefits, taking care of your home.
- Help with increasing social networks, developing communication and social skills and building relationship with family members.
- Help with maintaining good mental health and dealing with periods of crisis.
- Emotional support with ongoing issues such as isolation or low self esteem.
- Help to manage the negative consequences of involvement in criminal activity.
- Help maintaining good physical health such as attending doctor, dentist or dealing with addiction.
- Advice and encouragement to adopt a healthy lifestyle and fostering a positive approach to physical exercise.
- Help to start or maintain regular activity such as attending classes, progress a hobby or getting involved in volunteering.
- Help with developing the skills to help you move towards employment.

As you can see, these services can be wide ranging and will be very specific to your needs. We expect they will change over time as you achieve the goals you have set in your support plan.
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