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Who is the service for?
Young People (16-25), Primary School (5-12), Secondary School (13-15), Early Years (0-5)
What age range is it suitable for?
4 - 12, 13 - 16, 17 - 25


18 York Place, EDINBURGH, EH1 3EP
0131 556 1527




Covid-19 UPDATE...

Our professional counselling services moved to video Zoom Pro and phone support.

Plus posting different articles and videos on you-tube and website on issues to help with loss of a loved one, help with surviving family relationships 24/7 (no matter how much you love each other, keeping safe).

WHEN: 9:00am - 9:00pm but flexible

Normal service details...

Play Therapy...

Bright Light offers alternative ways for younger children to communicate with us and others including play therapy. Trained therapists specialising in work with young children help them explore their feelings creatively. Play can encourage children to express their thoughts and or anxieties for example and communicate extreme experiences which they might find it difficult to talk about. Therapeutic play using dolls and toy figures, modelling clay, a sand box and paints - just some of the things we have in the Bright Light toolbox, can help your child to communicate their concerns.

Young children are naturally upset when their parents are separating and often benefit from our play therapy service. Our specialist practitioners also work with children traumatised because of domestic abuse or when they have lost someone they loved and are able to use this form of therapy to express what they are feeling.

Young person's counselling...

Our 4-18@BL counselling service will help you if you are a young person worried about your parents’ divorce, separation or conflict and/or maybe having difficulties with a step-parent or other carer.

We know at Bright Light that you can often feel at risk when your parents are on the point of separating - it's a major traumatic change in your life and for those around you. As well as often feeling very unhappy, angry, or confused, you may also blame yourself for the break-up.

Strong feelings can be stirred up within you and your family when you find yourself pulled between your loved ones and others expectations of where your loyalty should be when your parents/families split. We will help you to understand what is happening, and why, and we will support you to make sure this major transition is as positive as possible for you.

We work with you and whoever else you might want to be part of your journey through a major change in your life. We can help you to build your confidence and resilience so that you are able to cope better now and in the future with key life changes/challenges and will be able to develop your own positive relationships as an adult in the future.

Our 4-18@BL counselling sessions will provide you with a safe confidential place to talk to someone about lots of things including:

- The breakdown in your parents’ relationship, and how you feel
- You being unhappy or confused about a family relationship
- Any problems you may have living in a new stepfamily/cared for environment
- Issues out-with your family (bullying, gender identity)
- Worries about your mental health (depression, anxiety, feel suicidal)
- Loss of a loved one
- Addiction (gambling, sexual, substance, social media)
- Issues around domestic abuse
- Domestic abuse

Where children and young people are exposed to domestic abuse we provide a confidential specialist service in a safe space in some Edinburgh schools and also from premises at 9A Dundas Street, Edinburgh. We promote each young person's safety and resilience in any abusive circumstance.

Please note that where children and young people are deemed to be at risk, normal protocols around confidentiality cannot apply and Bright Light is bound to report disclosures to social services or the police. Please be aware that we follow Getting It Right for Every Child (GIRFEC) protocols.

Referring young people...

We welcome young people between the ages of 4 and 18 being referred to us from parents, teachers, health professionals, social workers or family lawyers, for example, or children and young people may refer themselves.

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