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Scottish Autism is an organisation dedicated to enabling autistic people to lead happy, healthy and fulfilling lives.

Scottish Autism's services and initiatives are designed to support individuals throughout their whole life journey whether that is supporting them to attain an academic qualification, helping them pass their driving test, teaching them to get on a bus by themselves, start work for the first time, or even developing a natural talent such as art or music.

Lothian and Borders Area offers Outreach Support across the City of Edinburgh, the Lothians and the Borders area.

Scottish Autism staff have experience of supporting individuals living with autism to live independently within their communities. We support individuals to be valued citizens through meaningful inclusion within the community.

Scottish Autism's Lothian and Borders Services support individuals to live in a wide range of accommodation, from living in their own homes to sharing with other people with ASD. We provide a wide range of outreach/transitional services within Lothian. Each package of support can focus on the different people priorities within an individual's life such as: Occupational Support; Support with Leisure and Recreation; Life Skills; Domestic Skills; Emotional Support; Support in coping with the impact of ASD.

We receive referrals from a variety of sources - Social Workers, Parents/relative/friend, individual with ASD, Health Professional etc. We also accept volunteers within our service.

Each individual we support is empowered to advocate for their own rights, needs and goals and is encouraged to lead care planning activities. By fully including individuals in the development of their care and support plan, we ensure that they have complete control over their service provision.


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Scottish Autism - Lothian and Borders Area Services

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