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Age Scotland supports and enables employers to build age-inclusive workplaces.

Scotland's workplace demographics are changing. As more people work for longer it's vital that age inclusion becomes a priority for organisations.

Creating age friendly workplaces.

We can help organisations to foster a positive working culture in which staff of all ages feel supported to achieve their potential.

Age Inclusive Matrix...

Bespoke specialist HR support for an age-inclusive workplace

The Age Inclusive Matrix (AIM) is designed to support and enable organisations to be as age-inclusive as possible taking into account their unique needs and circumstances.

Age Scotland's Age Inclusive Matrix (AIM) helps organisations to be as age-inclusive as possible. It has been created over five years by pooling the experience of both our charity and our team of experienced HR professionals.

An age-inclusive workplace is one where employees of all ages have an effective voice, feel respected, valued, and able to fulfil their aspirations and potential. Over the last 5 years Age Scotland has worked with over 200 organisations on promoting age-inclusive workplaces.

The Age Inclusive Matrix is fully funded by the National Lottery Community Fund.

There are two options for organisations who are interested in taking part in the AIM programme:

AIM - Getting Started...

Are you just beginning to look at how your organisation can become more age-inclusive? Or are you unsure if the full AIM programme would work for your organisation?

If so, AIM - Getting Started can help.

AIM - Getting Started is designed for Line Managers and HR and Diversity & Inclusion leads of organisations who are interested to know more and discover if it could fit their culture.

Firstly, you are invited to complete a short online self-assessment of your current approaches to some key age-inclusive activities. Once you have submitted your self-assessment you will receive a one-hour online follow-up consultation with one of our team of Age Inclusive Workplaces consultants.

Our consultants bring extensive HR and organisational experience of all sectors and have a wealth of insight into good practice on age inclusion. This consultation is an opportunity for you to reflect on your organisation’s current position regarding age-inclusion. It allows you to consider opportunities for learning from others and bringing best practice into your organisation.

We hope you are prepared to invest a little time in getting started on the age inclusion journey and we look forward to talking with you!

If you are interested in AIM - Getting Started, please complete our short online self-assessment questionnaire at Once you have submitted this, one of our Age Inclusive Workplace consultants will be in touch to arrange your free online follow-up consultation.

AIM - Into Action...

Having completed the AIM - Getting Started phase, many organisations then move onto Age Inclusive Matrix - Into Action. This is an in-depth programme which supports and enables organisations to analyse all relevant areas to ensure that they are age inclusive to an optimal level for their circumstances.

Typically delivered over a period of 6-8 months, our HR professionals support organisations each step of the way to provide guidance and support and ensure lasting benefits from the programme.

Common themes explored include management best practice, supportive and informed line managers, a positive work environment, transparent policies and processes and an organisational commitment to lifelong learning and employee well-being.

The time investment is around 6 days in addition to the time to implement any projects identified as a result of the programme.

For further information please contact Jonathan Park on 07808 024 807 or by emailing

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