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Home Scotland

How to apply / What to do?

If you're interested in renting from Home Group, and are eligible to do so, the next step is to get in touch with us...either call us or fill in our online form at

How Your Application Is Assessed

Your housing application is assessed using a “banding” system. There are three bands or categories you can come into depending on the information you provide in your application form.

These are:

Band 1 - Urgent Need to Move: For applicants in extreme or life threatening situations as a result of their housing or directly linked to their housing situation. Subject to time limit and review.
Band 2 - Need to Move: For applicants in a high need but not emergency or life threatening.
Band 3 - Community and Employment: For applications where people want to be near family/friends, or seeking employment.

Home Visit

We will visit you at your current address after you have submitted your application, and just before you receive an offer of accommodation. The home visit is to introduce ourselves and to ensure that all the details you provided on your form are correct. We will also tell you about our services, explain how to pay rent and how to conduct your tenancy.

The home visit takes about an hour, and will always be held at your current address. You will hear back from us within five working days of the home visit, as to whether there are any changes to your offer, or whether you are to receive an offer of accommodation.

If you are nominated by a local authority you may not need to complete an application form but we will visit you to assess your circumstances.

Any offer of housing will be subject to the above home visit, and receipt of references from previous landlords, the police or other agencies where necessary. Your offer will be made to you in writing and will inform you of the rent and service charge for the property, and, if the offer is for supported housing, about our support charge.

A firm offer of accommodation from Home indicates that all our necessary checks have been carried out and you will be housed within an agreed time scale.

Rejections and Exclusions

We operate a rejection and exclusion policy under our lettings and allocations policy to ensure properties are let to those in housing need, and to promote sustainable communities.

Rejection means we completely refuse an applicant for housing. Exclusion means we can prevent an applicant from gaining housing with us for a set period of time.

Some examples of why we may reject or exclude an application are if the applicant:

- Has been convicted of a criminal offence, or been subject to possession proceedings for conducting a tenancy in an unsatisfactorily manner of any kind in the last two years (evidence required).
- Has rent arrears.
- Has a vulnerability requiring support needs so great that a tenancy cannot be sustained.

Right to appeal
If you are unhappy with a decision we make to either exclude or reject you from getting housed with us, you have the right to appeal. You can appeal against the decision made, but cannot appeal against the policy itself.

Once an appeal is made we will make a decision and get back to you within ten working days. You can only appeal once, and you cannot appeal against that decision.

If you are still unhappy please request a complaints form.

Allocations policy

The way we allocate homes is changing

As a result of changes made by the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) in 2013, we reviewed the rules we follow when allocating our homes to applicants.

We now use the following rules to decide how many bedrooms a household is entitled to:

One bedroom will be allocated for:

- Every adult couple (married/civil partnership or unmarried)
- Any other adult aged 16 or over who lives with you
- A child with severe disabilities who is unable to share a bedroom
- Any two children of the same sex aged under 16
- Any two children aged under 10
- Any other child
- An approved foster carer to use for placements (subject to meeting the DWP rules)
- A carer (or team of carers) who does not live with the applicant but provides the applicant or their partner with overnight care

Note: children whose main home is elsewhere are not eligible for bedrooms

We will continue to review the DWP rules and adapt our policy in line with those rules, to ensure we allocate you a home of the most appropriate size.

To apply for social housing, please get in touch for an application form.
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