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The aim of the project is to achieve a demonstrable improvement in the physical and mental wellbeing of Chinese people in Edinburgh and the Lothians. The project has a specific focus on those who find it difficult to participate in mainstream healthy living activities due to lack of confidence, language barriers and timing but also less likely to participate in BME community initiatives due to the stigma associated with their disability or long-term condition.

Working with the Chinese Community:
In 2013, a series of healthy lifestyle education sessions were developed to prevent and tackle some of the most common health issues within the Chinese community including high blood pressure, low mood and depression, sleeping problems, digestive problems and dementia. A total of 21 education sessions and activities with language support were delivered in venues which are easy to access and familiar to the target beneficiaries.

Healthy Living Buddie:
The project is looking to enhance work within the community by identifying community members who will volunteer their time to provide additional support, includes providing emotional and physical support, to less confident and isolated individuals in the local community. Main tasks of the Healthy Living Buddies include:

- Providing emotional support to isolated service users by phoning them or meeting them (in public places) on a regular basis.
- Encouraging isolated service users to go out more by accompanying them to go out.
- Encouraging service users to be more physically active by accompanying them
to go out for a walk or to community centre/sports centre to join exercise classes.
- Assisting service users in food shopping and selecting healthy food.
- Identifying service users’ needs and reporting to the Development Officer.

The service of Healthy Living Buddies will start in 2014.

Working with other communities
In 2014, the project will extend its service to other communities. The project will work in partnership with established community organisations to provide an Edinburgh and Lothian wide service offering activities and education sessions to improve the physical and mental wellbeing of particular sections of the BME population known to be at risk due to life circumstances.

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65+, All ages, 50 - 54, 55 - 59, 60 - 64
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Maritime House, 8 The Shore

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Contact Person: Suzanne Chong
Contact Telephone: 0131 467 2996 (Cantonese)
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