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In line with Government advice, most groups and organisations in the city have had to take the unfortunate decision to suspend face to face and group work activities. Please telephone or email the contacts listed for the group or organisation if you are interested in their work to check what alternative arrangements might be available or to find out about alternative groups or services in your area.

Dive from the same board as Tom Daley! Our diving pool with springboards and platforms is open for public sessions as well as classes and courses.


Fancy yourself as a bit of a Tom Daley? Edinburgh Leisure is very proud to offer a fantastic diving pool at the Royal Commonwealth Pool, complete with a dedicated Dry Dive Area with trampolines and harnesses, so that you can practice all those twists and turns before taking them to the big boards - you'll get a glimpse on the video below! Our diving programme follows the National Diving Award Scheme with classes to suit beginners right through to those at a competitive level.

Dive Skills

This is the first stage of the diving programme where basic diving skills are taught from poolside; including deep water confidence, jumping, rolling, first stages of head first diving & developmental shallow water skills. Entry Criteria:

- Children in Primary 1 and above
- Able to swim 10 metres unaided
- Comfortable in deep water
- Able to jump and submerge in water without goggles.

Dive Bronze

This class follows on from the Dive Skills class and develops your skills and movements further. You will also be introduced to dry land training during this level. Entry criteria:

- Minimum 95% completion of Dive Skills competencies
- Pike fall from 1 metre & competent jump from the 3 metre board

Dive Silver

With these lessons, you could progress towards becoming a more competitive diver. Learning the essential take off for all four diving groups: front, inward, back and reverse. Entry Criteria:

- Minimum completion 90% of Dive Bronze competencies

Dive Gold

The Dive Gold class will develop the take-offs learned in Dive Silver and progress the four diving groups further, building skills and experience. Entry Criteria:

- Invited by Diving Coordinator
- Minimum completion 85% of Dive Silver competencies
- 12 yrs and above

ASN Diving

Children will learn skills and dives from the poolside and one metre diving boards at a pace they are comfortable with. All parents and carers are welcome to sit on poolside next to the lesson taking place and watch as well as assist if they wish. We ask that children are able to swim confidently in deep water without goggles.

Jump and Dive

Specifically designed for 3 - 5 year olds, this class will focus on jumping techniques which promote self-confidence and social skills while having fun. Coaches will deliver the class using the trampoline and dive board in the dry land diving area . Children will learn how to land, shape and twist and will be a great starting point for progression to trampolining, gymnastics or diving classes from P1.

Individual Dive Lessons

Our personal diving sessions can be booked with one of our coaches at a time that suits you! The coach will plan a personalised session tailored to suit your needs. These lessons are great for extra practice and to develop your skills.

Dry Dive

This class is only available to customers of The Commie, Dive Bronze, Dive Silver and Dive Gold classes and is an opportunity for additional training for children on our dry land dive facility. This facility includes a trampoline, diving boards with crash mats, tumble track, somersault boxes, wall bars and stretching areas. These sessions are designed to complement our learn to dive classes and will have a specific focus on developing skills and confidence along with building flexibility and strength.

Adult Beginner/Intermediate

A fantastic course suitable for those with little or no prior diving experience. The teacher will start with the basic skills such as the hand grab and go through the three different shapes used in diving. Initial basic skills are taught from the poolside and 1m diving boards and include dives and drills from each of the 6 different directions we use in diving – forwards, inwards, backwards, reverse twist and arm stand. Entry criteria – 16 yrs and above.

Adult Advanced

This new level is designed to further develop the skills learned in the beginner/intermediate level and introduces more challenging skills and dives. Many divers at this level go on to compete in masters competitions – however there is no pressure and some people just chose to train for fun and to keep fit.

Adults Masters

This is a 2-hour class specifically for adult divers who are aiming to compete. Includes 1 hour dry land training.

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