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Ceilidh Collective

The ceilidh collective works only by the dedicated efforts of a strong team of volunteers. We set up the hall, manage the decorations, run the bar and refreshments, and complete the tidy up and recycling.

In exchange for about 4 hours on the night we offer a free hot shared vegetarian meal, free entry to the ceilidh and one drink from the bar. There are roughly 14 volunteer positions available per ceilidh and our current volunteer co-ordinator is Robin. To get involved just fill in the form below and he'll send you the link to our volunteer questionnaire...

Please note we get a high demand to volunteer at the ceilidhs so there is no guarantee we'll be able to give you a space. We have 2-4 places available each ceilidh for new volunteers. Do fill this in NOW if you're able, so it doesn't get forgotten. We'd love to have you along...

A rough timetable

4:00pm - First volunteers arrive and start cooking volunteer meal and setting up the hall (tables and chairs, bar and decorations)
6:00pm - Musicians and volunteers' meal in the hall
7:00pm - Doors open, bar ready to serve
8:00pm - Ceilidh band are on
11:30pm - Raffle
12:30pm - Last orders, band winding up
1:00am - All guests out
2:00am - Tidy up complete and we all head homewards...

Jobs include

- Cooking a meal for about 30 people
- Setting up the bar area
- Setting up tables and chairs
- Decorating the hall (rope lighting, bunting, candles, greenery)
- Staffing the bar (boe/ceilidh collective bar training required)
- Staffing the front desk
- Selling raffle tickets
- Clearing the tables and washing up throughout the night
- Refilling the water urn
- Being support acts during the night (solo musicians, bands, etc) (must agree in advance)
- The clear-up...many hands make light work!

For further information, please get in touch.
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