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What are YogaBellies for Pregnancy classes?

YogaBellies for Pregnancy sessions are unique, revolutionary prenatal yoga classes for pregnant women. We use traditional yoga postures (asana), adapated and beneficial for pregnancy and the common ailments associated with pregnancy. YogaBellies for Pregnancy classes also include an especially created combination of self-hypnosis and yoga nidra (deep relaxation) and breathing techniques for pregnancy and birth (pranayama.)

YogaBellies pre-natal yoga classes are gentle and safe for all women, whether you are new to yoga or have years of practice. Each class lasts 1hr 15 minutes and each week focuses on a different aspect of pregnancy and birth. This is more than just a yoga class, but also training in deep relaxation and preparation for birth and motherhood.

At the end of each class we have an informal group chat about the focus of our class for the week. This class also helps you prepare for birth and is so much more than just physical stretching :)

Who is YogaBellies for Pregnancy for?

Our classes are open to all healthy pregnant women from around 14 weeks gestation regardless of current yoga practice or experience. If you have any Pre-existing medical conditions or have had any serious problems during pregnancy, please run this past your GP before starting the class and discuss with your YogaBellies teacher. Please don't worry if you have never done yoga before, a lot of the mums will be trying it for the first time and our classes are suitable for all levels.

What are the benefits of YogaBellies for Pregnancy?

- Practising yoga postures promotes the circulation of blood and oxygen throughout the body, relaxing both body and mind and promoting a sense of general well-being. And everytime you relax, baby relaxes too :)

- Practising yoga will build muscle and tone the body, which will give you more energy and make your pregnancy easier. It will also make it easier to lose the weight you put on while you're pregnant.

- You will learn our unique YogaBellies for Pregnancy deep relexation techniques which will help to prepare and guide you gently through childbirth;

- Pregnancy shifts our pelvis forward in response to the increased weight, which places significant strain on the lower back. Our sessions focus on strengthening the core muscles, resulting in better posture and alleviating any back pain.

- YogaBellies for Pregnancy helps to strengthen the muscles (inclduing the abdominals and pelvic floor) used in chidlbirth, which will make the entire process easier, faster and more comfortable.

- Pregnancy can shift the position of the digestive organs, impeding digestion and causing unwanted side effects. Our classes can help reverse this process and restore healthy digestion, meaning less wind and heartburn!

- One of the loveliest parts of our classes, is our focus on breathing. Our three unique YogaBellies for Pregnancy breathing techniques will help you during pregnancy, childbirth and beyond. Correct use of the breath can help lower blood pressure and to take control during childbirth.

- We combine yoga nidra (deep relaxation) with self hypnosis at the end of class, each week reinforcing another positive aspect of YogaBellies for Pregnancy, allowing you to continue your week in a positive and relaxed mindset.

How does the course work?

This is a rolling block of eight classes and therefore classes are booked in blocks in advance. The cost of your course includes a super duper YogaBellies for Pregnancy Pack, customized for the class you are attending including a tote bag, downloads including yoga videos to practice at home, discounts, local information, and much more. You are not just booking a class, but a complete yoga journey.

How do I book a place?

Be sure to contact your YogaBellies teacher in advance as our classes generally book up pretty quickly.

When performed properly, yoga is safe for pregnant women and has benefits for everything from flexibility to cardiovascular health. I am fully qualified perinatal yoga teacher trained extensively to work safely and therapeutically with pregnant and post natal women, so you know that you and your baby are in safe hands.

What do I need to bring to class?

Wear comfortable non-restrictive clothing and we don't wear shoes or socks (we don't want to slip) during the class. Mats and props will be provided, but feel free to bring your own if you have them. Make sure you bring water to sip as we want to keep nice and hydrated.


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Thursday 7pm - 8pm
71 Firhill Drive, Oxgangs
EH13 9EU

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Contact Person: Rosy Greico
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