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Building Confidence, resilience and a sense of security in young people.

We are a pioneering, future focused charity, committed to improving the mental health, resilience and self belief of young people aged 11-18 in Edinburgh.

We understand that we are all individuals, and a one size fits all approach simply won’t work. We spend time building relationships of trust with the young people we work with. Going at their pace, sharing in their interests and helping them to communicate in their way.

We focus on the strengths young people have and building on these, applying them to other areas of their lives. We support young people to understand and accept their emotions, equipping them with practical tools to build towards positive futures.

We are committed to building more informed, confident and self-aware communities around the young people we work with. Supporting parents, teachers, and other adults within their networks, we make sure that young people have the right support to grow and thrive.


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